The Anticipation…

iris 2-2-18 009

I love orchids, but no matter how hard I try, research and prepare, I have never had a successful rebloom, EVER…until this year.   And guess what? I had NO expectations.  For once, I did absolutely nothing.


orchid 006

One day, I noticed a delicate, yet strong, shoot coming from the base of the leaves.  I could not believe it!  Since that moment, I have patiently waited for buds to swell, crack open and begin to unfold.


I have learned so much from this beautiful plant…


No Expectation


I am always amazed at the lessons Mother Nature is willing to teach us, if we just take the time to listen…


Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…






13 thoughts on “The Anticipation…

  1. You are so right, Mother Nature teaches us so much. The flowers in my garden taught me that even after heavy storms, flowers will bloom the next day which l implied to my life – hardships and obstables won’t stop me from being great 🌼. Lovely post Roda and beautiful pictures too 💖

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  2. A few years ago when Robin was working months at a time out of town, he came home for a surprise visit and gave me a beautiful orchid. I have tried everything I can to care for it. Now it looks terrible and it breaks my heart to see it in such bad shape. I so hope it will experience a rebirth and survive! Beautiful blooms!

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