No Talkie Before Coffee

There is a rule in our home that is very simple: No Talkie Before Coffee.  As you may have guessed, I did not make this rule up.   Here are just a few reasons why…

  1. I do not like coffee. It simply tastes like bitter dirt!
  2. I so love mornings.
  3. I enjoy communicating, any time of day.


Although, I will never understand the coffee world, I do respect it.  I choose my battles wisely and abide by this law of the land, to the best of my ability. I am human and can’t be perfect all of the time…but only a few words will spill, I promise.

I am envious of those people who love their alone time and can easily survive by speaking only 1,000  miniscule words a day, MAX!  These individuals are truly gifted! When I try to not speak, I find the words just spill over, like balls at a batting cage, leaving the poor soul listening left to decipher my pile of “word spaghetti”. UGH!

To top it off, I have been told my entire life that I was too emotional.  Trust me, if there is a secret guidebook that spells out the step-by-step process on how to not FEEL life so deeply and differently than most, please let me know!  I am happy to send you a self-addressed stamped envelope to overnight it to me.

Although, I have learned to embrace who I am, I still wish a magical light switch existed to turn my emotions and words off for just a bit. (How about a dimmer switch…even that would help!)  But, I know me…

I share everything I feel.

I laugh as much as I cry.

Maybe it is just because I am paying such close attention to life…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…




365 Challenge: Day 346 – Roda

I am back in sunny Michigan this morning, after a wonderful adventure in New York City! Temperatures are going to be in the 50s today! Woo-hoo! Before leaving NY, Jay and I wrote a blog post together, about our weekend. The TRUTH can be found in the italics…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


This Is My Truth Now

Roda: who came to NYC to visit me — you can check out her blog profile at GrowingSelf


As many of you figured out from a few posts, Roda from GrowingSelf visited me in NYC this weekend. We’d been having a lovely week of 65 degree weather, a very comfortable temperature filled with sunny days and light breezes. The darkness and the rain descended upon us Friday morning and just finished as Roda left for the airport a few minutes ago. (Correction…this is Roda, by the way, and I am still here.  The rain ended yesterday afternoon.  Jay is sharing his “Untruth” now.) I’m not at all suggesting it’s a coincidence. Just setting the tone… as it’s been quite an interesting (Interesting…let’s consider a new word choice, my author friend!) trip! I’ve learned a few new words, such as woozy. I believe it’s a combination of what

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Hello Hellebores!

Over the past week, all of our snow has melted! I was so excited to see this wonderful surprise…hellebore buds! I often wondered how my Hellebores were doing, under all of that snow. It looks like they are waking up to ring in the new season…

The plants are still a bit flat, from the weight of the snow, but that does not stop the blooms!



I am always impressed at how these amazing plants push through the ice and snow!


Before long, they will be in full bloom!


Let the magic of Spring begin!


“She was a bit like Spring;

wild as the wind and fickle as the weather,

but her love ran deep as tree roots.”

~Author Unknown

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You