I am empowered by incredible women, each and every day of my adult life.  I so wish even one of these women would have been in my life growing up.  Yet, my past experiences and relationships have made me the strong woman I am today.  I always remind myself that we GROW most during our most challenging times in life.  I am thankful for my growing pains, and will carry their lessons with me, for the rest of my life.

My sophomore year of college was my first experience having an amazing female role model.  Dr. K was strong, kind and the most intelligent individual I had ever met!  She is still in my life and I am thankful for the gifts she has shared with me.  I knew that if I ever had a daughter, she would hold Dr. K’s name.  And today, at age 15, I see such strength and kindness in my daughter, whose middle name is Kathleen.

“Empowered  women, empower women…”

What a beautiful and powerful quote!  It warms my heart when I see my daughter living by this motto, at such a young and difficult age.  I might not have had a strong female role model growing up, but that only empowered me to become a strong female role model and raise my daughter to be the same.


I truly love who I am, at age 46.  I have spent years learning to…

Love myself…

Embrace myself…

Be myself…


I will continue to empower women to do the same!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



This post is dedicated to Shelly, from Love is Stronger, who has been such a powerful and beautiful light for me.  I am blessed that our paths have crossed!


30 thoughts on “Empower

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  2. You’re so lovely!!! 😘 world is better! That smile is contagious! Your child is gorgeous and so lucky to have you! To have both of you lovely women… raising her to be the best human being! Best woman she can be! 😍

    Beautiful feels for this! Thank you!!!

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  3. Your daughter is so lucky to have you! My mother helped empower me, too. I wish she was still with me. I feel like I haven’t personally met many like her, but I have really admired woman like you that I have met through blogs and other online communities.

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  4. I did not have strong women in my life growing up and understand how much that would have helped me get through those tough years. Your daughter is so lucky to have both of you to help guide her. Lovely piece Roda 🙂

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