Oh Chocolate, My Chocolate: Energy Bites

I love chocolate! Today, rather than invading the left over holiday candy, I thought I should locate my energy bite recipe, to fill my need for sweet! I knew it was one of my first blog posts, so it was easy to locate. If you missed it the first time around, here is your second chance! YUM!!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


Growing Self

When I contemplate my top 10 favorite things in life, chocolate would probably fall in the top five. That rich, melty goodness that floods my body with warmth and happiness…Awwww, perfection! Chocolate and I have been friends for as long as I can remember…

In elementary school, her name was “Hershey Kiss”. We would always have lunch together, for Mrs. Case, my fourth and fifth grade teacher loved chocolate as much as I did. Feeding Hammy the Hamster, each day before lunch, was my classroom job.  Mrs. Case would leave a Hershey Kiss on my desk, as a token of thanks. She never missed a single day thanking me and I never missed a single day feeding Hammy.

My relationship with chocolate grew to a deeper level in middle school. I wanted to take shop class, like my twin brother. But, I was a girl and therefore expected to take…

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8 thoughts on “Oh Chocolate, My Chocolate: Energy Bites

  1. I’m an odd ball because I’ve never really liked chocolate. When I was a kid the only candy I would eat was sour candy. Now that I’m older every now and then I will eat some chocolate but not much at all. My sister loves chocolate and she’s actually allergic to it but she he to eat a lot of it before it affects her.

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      1. I can’t eat it like I used too. When I was I kid I could eat it without it bothering me. Like I wouldn’t scrunch up my face or anything but now a days if I eat something sour I always scrunch up my face lol.

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  2. It is a good thing to give some of our old posts a second life. I was planning to do the same but was wondering which approach to use. Link, copy-paste… Reblog! It’s perfect. Thanks Roda. These cookies… On my way to get the recipe.

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