Let’s Get Twisted!

Today I had planned on making my twisted herb bread for dinner, but I could not locate my recipe! Then, I remembered that it was one of the first recipes I posted on my blog! Dinner has been saved! I wish I was able to memorize recipes, but it is just not my specialty. I spend much time taking notes when cooking and always remember to save the final draft! Granted, I am still trying to locate a few things after our kitchen renovation…looks like I will add this recipe to my list of items missing in action!

Growing Self

Happiness is the smell of freshly baked bread!  I often remind myself that happiness comes from within, but it is always nice to have a friend to help out on those extra challenging days…why not bread!  For me, baking bread is another form of creativity.  How golden brown will the crust be?  What shape do I want to experiment with next?   (I have to admit, creating bread turtles brings out a lot of happiness in me!)  So, for this last winter weekend, before spring approaches, I thought my favorite braided herb bread recipe would be the perfect slice of happiness to share. Now, let’s get twisted!

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15 thoughts on “Let’s Get Twisted!

      1. Wouldn’t that be a dream…its funny but I know I would be so welcome and feel at home. It’s just a pity distance is a barrier! Think of me as you enjoy it fresh out of the oven!…with butter melting on it.

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