Artistic Hives!

I have had a fantastic few days, filled with wet paint and creativity.  I have been waiting for so long to make my beekeeper dream come true… the time is actually here! There is no doubt in my mind that bees appreciate art, so my first gift to them will be beautiful and colorful hives!  I started with the deep brood boxes…

Putting an exterior paint, only on the outside walls of the hives, will protect and seal the wood.  
Then the real fun begins!  Green is my favorite color, so I started there.
Adding detail…
One side complete…many more to go!  I think I am going to create the same scene on each side of this brood box, with each representing a different season.  One never knows where the paint will lead me…

Watch for creative updates to come!  And remember, BEE Amazing today!

Love Yourself…embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



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