Spring Fling in January!

Happy Spring…in January! We have had nothing but freezing cold weather and lots of snow this Winter.  But, today it was a balmy 54 degrees!  Only in Michigan!  The piles of snow melted and I could see green grass and lots of mud! Regardless, the animals were extremely happy and full of spunk today…

The ladies were out and about, exploring all day!
The ducks had the best puddle party, EVER!
The babydolls were happy to get out and explore their new pasture!
Frodo enjoyed looking out his stall door, for the first time!
The meeting! And a beautiful meeting it was!

Magic has been lost, ever since Velvet crossed over.  Today, she seemed truly happy.  Although the two were separated by fencing, Magic often had her head over Frodo’s fence to saying hello.  Both critters were relaxed and had a beautiful day together! This made my heart bubble with joy!

This past week has been extremely difficult, yet beautiful all at the same time. We said goodbye to a dear friend and welcomed a sweet new addition, to Indigo Acres.  Frodo has been a true gift, in so many unexpected ways.   I feel extremely thankful and blessed…

I spent much time with Frodo today.  I cried happy tears, while connecting with him in his stall.  I also cried tears of sadness, missing my old friend.  But, when I looked into his eyes, something magical happened…I was reminded of an old friend.  What an incredible gift…

I have a feeling 2018 is going to be a beautiful year at Indigo Acres!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…







42 thoughts on “Spring Fling in January!

  1. Same here! I definitely enjoyed the random 55 degrees. Not looking forward to this ice storm tomorrow night though 😭. Glad your week perked up and I’m sure it will continue throughout 2018!

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  2. Our worry was exactly. A week ago, we had record temp. around the 18(!!) Celsius. In January. Now it’s starting to get back to the cooled down side of the weather, and slowly reminding again to a kind of winter. It’s still a far cry from what it should be.

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  3. Ah, yes! Your warm temperatures have come this way. My walk this morning was wonderful, though there was still lots of slippery ice around.

    I’m so happy to hear Magic and Frodo are bonding. Frodo couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Have a wonderful weekend.


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  4. I am ready for some sunshine and warm weather in Texas we have had an unusually cold winter and we are not used to this. Cute pics, Donkey etc… Our daughter has gotten some more cows they are belted. I have not had the time to get over and do pics yet. They are getting a Cane Corso puppy tomorrow to guard the animals, of course, the
    pup is only 10 weeks old so it may be awhile before she can guard them lol..

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      1. The belted means they start and end with a darker color and have white in the middle like the black and white one is called Oreo and the brownish one is called Darla. Personally I would have named her Nutter Butter The real breed name is Belted Galloway.

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  5. I can feel your emotions and life seems bittersweet at the moment. I love your recognition of al, the beauty that lies ahead and all the special memories that are waiting to be made, while old ones will forever live in your heart. Hugs

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