Befriend Yourself

Do you know yourself?

Do you know who you really are?

Recently, I had a friend look at me and say, “You really know who you are, don’t you!”  My response…

“Why yes, yes I do….”

I have spent years discovering ME.  I have spent much time becoming comfortable in my own skin.  As each year passes, I am no longer afraid of growing older.  I am no longer afraid of being alone.  I feel many fear being alone, because they have not truly spent the time unveiling the stranger they see in the mirror each day.

For a moment, Just BE…

Introduce yourself to the person you see in the mirror.  Stop the glorification of busy.  Don’t be afraid to sit in silence and spend quality time with the beautiful soul you greet each morning, when you look in the mirror.  Love yourself and feed your soul.  Embrace your entire self…even the pieces and parts that might need some work.

Love all of you at this very moment, just the way you are…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Jsut Be You…


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