The Gift of Gratitude: Surprises

Today celebrates Day 17 of my 31 Days of Gratitude: Surprises


Surprises are such beautiful gifts!  I have to admit, I disliked them growing up, but I have learned to adore surprises!  Yesterday was a bit of an emotional day.  Not only was Velvet on my mind, but yesterday was the 11th anniversary of my Dad’s passing.

I was not expecting any packages, so I was surprised to see a small box on our front porch.  A smile immediately filled my face, as my eyes made their way to the return address label…a package from the talented and ever so kind Dee Dee!  The photos of her yummy treats have made my mouth water all week!  I mentioned to her that was happy to play quality control any time, yet I never imagined she would take me seriously!  It looks like I have a very special scarf to knit for one very special lady!

During this magical season, spread joy and kindness by sprinkling a few unexpected surprises here and there…

If you have not visited Dee Dee’s blog, take a peek!  She is one amazing lady!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



26 thoughts on “The Gift of Gratitude: Surprises

  1. I’m so happy that Dee Dee did that for you when you were having a couple of down days. It would have been my Mom’s 97th birthday on the 15th and that’s always a bittersweet day. It seems you and I are on the same wavelength recently. We need to change our shared experiences to good ones. Happy, healthy pets! Oh oh oh! I don’t know if you follow tonymarkp at the Yarn Blabber, but he just finished a hat that made me think of you and your Sheep in Jeep. It’s a “sheep in a row under snow chapeau.” Sorry, I don’t know what’s gotten into me. Must be all the snowflakes in Malcolm the Mailbox! I wonder who to blame for THAT!?

    Anyhow, check it out

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      1. Fairies are tricky that way! You think they are all quiet under some tree roots and then bam! they are flinging snow about like it’s nobody’s business! I still love them, though. Especially when I envision them being snowed under, too! Hah!

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      2. No. You don’t get any snow-melting dragons. You wished snow on me and now you have to pay the consequences. Malcolm the Mailbox concurs! Besides, I need them here to keep the home fires burning! 🐉 ❤️ 🐉 ❤️ 🐉

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      3. Not happening. The word is out. By the way, I received a very nice family card from a certain Fairy Queen, but that does not mean I’m going to acquiesce on the dragon situation. I’m telling you…fire-breathing Chimera. Next best thing and you can assemble it yourself! 😉 yes 🤗 no 🐲

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  2. Hi Roda,
    Thank you for your kind post, I actually sent those a bit ago before your down days. I am glad they came to you during a time that you needed a little distraction. I hope they aren’t stale!! I tried to select treats that would travel well, but you never know how long the mail will take at the holidays and in the winter weather. Hope you are doing better now 🙂

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