The Gift of Gratitude: Memories

During the holiday season, I find myself reflecting on memories of my Dad.  I am so thankful for my memories and our time together. My Dad was a man of few words.  In fact, he always told me that if someone kidnapped me, they would bring me back, as soon as they would have to listen to my constant chatter!  I can still hear his voice saying these words, with a twinkle in his eye.  When I think of my Dad, I can’t help but smile!  He had the cutest little grin and such a mischievous side!  My Dad was an extremely strong man and oh so wise.


My twins don’t remember their Papa, but my oldest son does.  Dad loved cards!  We would sit at his kitchen table and play cards for hours. As soon as “Bug” was old enough, Dad taught him how to play War.  Even now, at age 16, Bug loves cards and board games. This photo brings tears to my eyes… it still hangs on my son’s bulletin board, from so many years ago.

Last night, we finished decorating the Christmas tree.  I feel so thankful to have my Great Grandparent’s ornaments from Germany.  My Dad always hung them on the top of our Christmas tree, growing up.  He would tell us stories of his Grandparents and how they spoiled him rotten.   These beautiful family heirlooms are 108 years old this year and sparkle at the top of our tree.

Santa was Dad’s favorite
I love how the light shines through these beautiful, hand blown ornaments.
Great Grandma had a passion for flowers, too!
This beauty was always my favorite growing up.  It holds an extra special memory for me.  I gave this ornament to Wifey on our first Christmas together as a “couple”.   It was my dream that one day it would hang on our very own Christmas tree with the others.  Dreams do come true…


May today be filled with loving memories of those that have crossed over…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


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