The Gift of Gratitude: Sleep

Today celebrates Day 10 of my 31 Days of Gratitude…Sleep!

Today (Saturday) was a very exciting day for our family, for we added four new additions to Indigo Acres!  If you follow Growing Self on Instagram, you might have already watched the video of these precious critters.  As exciting as today has been, I am exhausted!  Driving 5 hours round trip, in the snow, has made me very sleepy…

I am now going to truly Be Still and snuggle up with Merlin and say goodnight.  Tomorrow, I will share all about our new babies!  Until then, I will give everyone a hint…

Our new critters rhyme with the word Jeep!

Sleep well and dream beautiful dreams…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



29 thoughts on “The Gift of Gratitude: Sleep

      1. Yogi makes two great sleepy teas: “Soothing caramel bedtime”and “bedtime”. I order them from amazon prime. I also find no screen time two hours before bed really helps.

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  1. Does this mean you got 4 new cats?? Also, your opinion was definitely one of the ones I wanted to hear on my Conversation With Myself. Felt like I was as brutally honest with myself as I could, but always like to hear the thoughts of my support system. Going to ask your fairy sister for hers as well.

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      1. Ooooh that sounds like fun! And no worries, take your time. I actually thought of you two (you and Rhapsody) yesterday. I saw one dragonfly just buzzing around, and then after a minute or so it’s twin came and they started flying together!

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      2. Kinda funny, when I saw them was right after I was walking around the tide pool with the crabs. In both scenarios I tried to get the picture perfect photo, but failed miserably. I think the message is to put my phone down more often. I didn’t listen, and Insta responded to Paparach, and that led to our massive fight. If I waited or wasn’t so glued to my phone it may have not happened.

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      3. Wow!!!! Kinda similar, how you wanted to get the perfect photo, but when you just sat there and let them come to you is when you were able to get some sweet clicks! Literally just said that in response to the message they gave me yesterday.

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      4. Take me with you, in spirit! The snow is really coming down today! I so miss the sun! I am heading out to the barn to do morning chores and shovel out the critters! Have a magical day at the beach!

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      5. I will certainly do that!! I feel a lot of my best poetry is inspired when I’m in nature, and I always think of close WordPress friends while I’m gathering my thoughts.

        Sigh, good luck with the snow! And enjoy your time with the animals 🙂 lots of critters here too! Lizards, crabs, water buffalo haha

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