I’ll Get You My Pretty and Your Little Jeep, Too…

Everyone enjoys laughter! Well, the amazing Maine Paper Pusher, who secretly tames dragons, has come up with a fabulous idea! Not only is her site hilarious to read, but she has pulled together extremely talented and humorous writers to participate in “Guest in Jest”! Check it out! Remember…Laughter is the sound of the soul dancing…  https://mainepaperpusher.wordpress.com/2017/07/08/guest-in-jest-submissions/

This is my “Guest in Jest” feature for today!

If you read Growing Self often, you know that there is a very special member of our family named “Vern”. Vern has a beautiful, candy apple red complexion, lots of spunk and is passionate about Star Wars! Vern is very patient. She lives in the garage and waits, like a puppy about to go for a walk, for me to climb inside. Vern is my Mini Cooper S and I adore her.


A few weeks ago, it was confirmed for me that people are much like their vehicles. Wifey drives a Jeep. I find it hilarious that Jeep people have a specific language, all of their own! Visualize this…

– Contact has been made with another Jeep

– The hand does not leave the steering wheel

– A mere two fingers are slightly raised

– A bit of a head nod occurs

What is that!? This cool and subtle connection can hardly be noticed by the other driver! I laugh every time Wifey participates in this secret Jeep language. Now, let’s talk about some Mini Cooper love…

How can you not smile when you see a Mini Cooper on the road?! They are classy! They are adorable! They are just plain awesome! The first time I drove Vern, I could not wait to pass another Mini driver. There would be no sleight of hand or discrete nod. But, there would be all out flailing, with a side of mini delight!img_3224

When I see another Mini, I wave happily with one hand. If it is an extra adorable Mini, then both hands are off the steering wheel, waving excitedly. Usually I say “Hi” or “Hello” or “Oh, so cute!”, even if I know the person is unable to hear me….but, they can feel my Mini Love! What’s even better? The response from the other Mini driver is always the same. Mini Cooper people are happy, friendly people.img_3223

Now, this is when Roda became a little naughty…

A few weeks ago, Wifey and I had to pick up the “teenager” car from the shop. We drove the white bread box, I mean Jeep, to the dealership. She offered to drive the car home and said that I could drive her Jeep. I was not sure why she offered. Maybe she thought I would think the Jeep would be fun to drive? I don’t! I despise driving the Jeep! I like Vern. Period! Case Closed!img_3227

Wifey appeared excited that I would be driving her precious Jeep, so I didn’t think twice about it, until I remembered the ridiculous Jeep greeting! Ugh! I did not want to ruin Wifey’s reputation with the Jeep community, so I excepted the fact that if I came across another Jeep, I should probably follow the Jeep Language Protocol.

Within a few miles, I noticed a Jeep approaching. I participated in the slight nod and hand movement. I tried to not make eye contact and gazed ahead, with a very serious tone. Then, I instantly lost it, laughing so hard I almost wet myself! ( I am 46 and have had three babies…it is not difficult to do!) Considering it was about a 20 minute drive home, I knew I would pass by another Jeep.

I was about to turn left and there was a shiny black Jeep, at the stop sign, pulling out to turn right. He and is very cool James Bond like attitude, gave me the official Jeep greeting. What did I do? Well…I went full-out Mini Cooper happiness on him! I waved with both hands, smiled and continued this perkiness as I turned the corner. He looked at me like I was certifiable! I felt such joy!

There was only one slight issue… Wifey had been following behind me, in the little Ford Fusion, the entire time…  She witnessed the whole event! I could already hear in my head, “Roda… You have some explaining to do…”.

Within a few miles, I pulled in the driveway and took my time departing from the Jeep. Wifey was instantly waiting by the door. The first words out of her mouth were, “You can’t handle the Jeep!”  Followed by,  “No Jeep for you….EVER!” She turned and walked into the house. I was trying not to laugh, but I couldn’t help it. I don’t think I ruined Wifey’s Jeep reputation whatsoever! I just think I added a little Joy to it!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


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17 thoughts on “I’ll Get You My Pretty and Your Little Jeep, Too…

  1. I can see the whole thing unfold Fairy Sister. ROFL…my second car is a Jeep and yes we do the slight head nod. Jeep people know lol. Guess what…there is a similar language when I ride my motorcycle and the hand goes out in a friendly greeting like “Hey isn’t great to be out here hitting blacktop” 🙂

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