Be Still…

I find that I am the type of person that can set myself up for failure quite often.  In reality, do I really fail?  Of course not!  But, by having unrealistic expectations for the day, I find myself quickly feeling unaccomplished, when I don’t meet my ridiculously high expectations.   I work hard to remind myself of everything I accomplish in a day, rather than focusing on the items that will have to wait until another time.

I revisit this quote often.  I should probably have it posted in every room of the house!


Today, Be Still…remind yourself of everything you have accomplished.  Set realistic goals for the days ahead and celebrate your milestones, regardless of their size or importance.  Most importantly, make sure one of your goals for the upcoming week is to take care of yourself FABULOUSLY! As always…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


christmas 2012 032

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