A Very Special Guest…


SPECIAL: extraordinary; exceptional, as in amount or degree


This Sunday, a very SPECIAL guest will be visiting Growing Self.  I am so excited for everyone to meet my EXTREMELY TALENTED and AMAZING guest.  This is almost as exciting as the 12 Days of Roda…sorry, I had to sneak in the fact that it is post Birthweek  and that is pretty darn SPECIAL, too.  But, back to my AMAZING guest, before I break out in song again!  Granted, I have been having an Annie Lennox marathon all day, so you would probably have to hear me sing Walking on Broken Glass or Would I Lie To You. (You are welcome, in advance, if you have one of these songs stuck in your head for the rest of the day!)

I thought it would be fun to give everyone a few hints about my SPECIAL guest.  The first hint was hidden within one of the paintings I shared in my post yesterday. Here is the link, if you missed it and feel like participating in a little detective work:



Today’s post is brimming with secrets, hints and suspense!  After the 12 Days of Roda, I am surprised you are still reading!  I suggested to Wifey that I clone myself!  She quickly turned a bit pale and walked to the other room.  She must not be feeling well.   I will check on her in a bit.   I think 5 Roda’s would be plenty.  That would be more than enough dynamics, to keep track of, in one family!  Keep in mind, one might never know the secret of the true Roda…

Oh yeah, and the real Roda holds the secret about Sunday’s SPECIAL guest!

Check back tomorrow for another sneak peek…  Until then, here is a SPECIAL video, sent by my one and only SPECIAL guest!

Until tomorrow…

Love Yourself… Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


27 thoughts on “A Very Special Guest…

      1. If you ever decide to get one for sure, let me know; i can help with getting the right species. They are awesome and live as long as human beings! I used to breed macaws when i was younger. The two we have now both talk well… especially Tweetie Pie. Tweetie has good comprehension and even asks questions that she comes up with on her own! When we put jackets or coats on, she says, “Are you going to go bye-bye now?”
        Here’s a past posting re Tweetie:
        There are even bird shelters (where abandoned parrots, some very young, can be adopted). 🙂

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