My Experimental Journey

Weekly Photo Challenge: An Experimental Journey


Art has always been one of my greatest passions. It is truly an experimental journey and one I began exploring, at very young age.  One of my first blog entries, written on March 16, 2017 was titled, Listen to Your Art: Unlock and Unleash.  I thought I would share this early entry, for it was read by only a few.  It will give you an insight how my experimental journey with Art began and, most importantly, how I learned to Listen to My Art.

A Few of My Experimental Journeys…

Since I enjoy macro photography, I thought I would zoom in and focus on sections of my paintings that were truly experimental!















For more information on available art or commissioning a piece by Roda, visit
Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…
Note:  I am having a very special guest visit my blog this Sunday!  A clue about this amazing soul is hidden in one of these paintings!!


30 thoughts on “My Experimental Journey

  1. Good job Roda. I love the lilies (N°4). I also had a look at your art gallery page and you immediately got a new follower. So glad you show more of your artwork and share your beautiful thoughts about creativity.

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