There is a Banana in My Mailbox!


Yes, you read that correctly!  Monday, I discovered not only a banana in my mailbox, but a peach, too.  They were complete with postage stamps and my address.  A smile immediately filled my face!  There was only one soul on this Earth that would send me plastic fruit in the mail, for my birthday!  The extraordinary, Maine Paper Pusher herself.  The Dragon Queen of all Dragon Queens!  Yes, the amazing, sweet, and funny Linda!   She not only sent plastic fruit, but included a few sweet, little messages…


This means only one thing…

FOOD FIGHT from Michigan to Maine!!

Let the Games Begin!!

Thank you dear Linda, for making my birthday extra special!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


You can enjoy Linda’s blog at

29 thoughts on “There is a Banana in My Mailbox!

  1. I love this post. Seeing so many people I like celebrating friendship around a banana and a peach! I’m in. Very thoughtful of Linda. Not really surprise though. She’s pretty good at spreading goodness. Happy belated Birthday Roda!

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      1. You know her better than me really. But perhaps, she would like an artistry and funny e-card. Darren introduce me recently to Jacquie Lawson interesting product:

        Or a Happy Cat Best Friends Mug (link ETSY:

        If I think of something else not too pricy I will let you know. BTW, I really like what you did for Darren today. You were wonderful. -Dominique xoxo

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      2. Thanks Dominique! You are too kind! Thank you! I was trying to top her humor, but I don’t think it is possible! 😉 Darren is a sweetie! We need to get him dancing!💚

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  2. Awesome! 🙂
    Once, before i retired, on April Fools Day, my wife packed my lunch. At lunch-time, i took what looked to be a slice of pizza out of the aluminum foil and began placing it in the microwave. I thought it looked a bit funny. Then i turned it upside down and it said, “Mattel” on the bottom. All the fries in the sack, including the chocolate candy, were plastic too!
    I almost microwaved that plastic pizza! 🙂 Geesh!

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