A Journey…


A few weeks ago, I started a new 24″ x 24″ traditional sunflower painting.    No matter how hard I tried, it just wasn’t progressing smoothly. After 14 hours into the painting, I finally decided enough was enough. I took a damp rag and smeared the wet, olive-green paint across the entire canvas. I sat for a few minutes and felt peace…

Sometimes in life, no matter how hard we try, it’s OK to step back, regroup, and begin again. Some things can’t be fixed, but they can be accepted. While I was painting, I was listening to my painting playlist and the song “Never Saw Blue Like That“, by Shawn Colvin, came on.  Instantly, I found myself squeezing shades of blue paint, onto my palette. Within 30 minutes, I had created a whole new appearance to my so-called sunflower. It was effortless, magical and most importantly, peaceful.

I left my painting for a few days and returned to her, knowing I had some things left to finish. Within an hour, she was complete.  An icy, blue bloom.


I was reminded of such a valuable lesson, during the painting of this piece. Life is truly a journey. There are bumps in the road, but we must always move forward, even if we need to change lanes or highways completely. The bumps in the road teach so many valuable lessons. These lessons I am grateful for… They remind me that our journeys are not always smooth. Our past cannot be altered. But we can embrace our past and move forward to bigger and brighter experiences.

If you look closely, there are bits of orange and yellow that peek through. Just like life, the colors of our past will never go away, but as layers and layers of memories build, the difficult memories, from the past, will fade away into the background.

This painting is special.  Not for what it is or how it appears, but for the lesson it holds, deep within its layers. This painting holds a journey… A lesson we can all learn from.

“Never Saw Blue Like That”  by Shawn Colvin

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


20 thoughts on “A Journey…

  1. Love your painting and the philosophy. It has become a routine for me now to leave a piece for a few days after I have ‘finished’ it then return with fresh eyes. Often I can then see a way to change things or add a new element.

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  2. Roda this really touched my heart. And i LOVE your painting. It is funny I was just telling my son yesterday how I’d like to get into painting. I don’t know how well I will do it, but it is something I’ve always wanted to try. You just inspired me!

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  3. Beautiful painting Roda and I do agree with your reflections. I do the same with almost all the articles I write. Leave it a day, when possible, before sending it to my chief editor. The next day, I know if I keep the article as it is or have to make changes. It is actually a well know Canadian painter, Tex Lecor, who taught me to do that. My friend unfortunately died recently.

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