On the 10th Day of Birth Month…

“On the 10th Day of Birth Month, My True Self Gives to You…”


“10 Socks a Warming…”


“9 Kitties Mousing…”


“8 Critters Crawling…”


“7 Blooms a Blooming…”


“6 Quackers, Quacking…”


“5 C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E  B-A-R-S …”


“4 Sassy Goats…”


“3 Fluffy Hens…”


“2 Naughty Horses…”


“And a Chicken in a Pine Tree…”

Sock!  I love socks!  Smartwool socks have been my long-standing favorites! But, I have to admit, the Darn Tough line is quite amazing, as well!   I truly believe that high quality socks are just as important as high quality shoes.  I spend a ton of time outside and my feet must stay as warm and toasty as possible!

It is going to be a balmy 20 degrees here today!  You can bet I have my new birthday smartwool socks on from Wifey!  She has been doing the birthday countdown as well!  Yesterday marked three days until my birthday and my gift was three new pairs of socks!  She is pretty darn special! 

Do something for YOU today, in honor of my Birthday Eve!  That will bring me so much joy!

Love yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…




21 thoughts on “On the 10th Day of Birth Month…

  1. You have no idea how many times I read your posts and feel as if you narrated myself. We have so much in common and I should not be surprised anymore. I love socks too and feel the same way. Just like the box of precious snail mail letters, I have restarted thanks to you, socks are like little treasures as well. Each unique in their design, I even learned to knit them out of smart wool. I have to show you and take a picture of the collection some time lol.

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    1. I love to knit scarves and things that don’t involve counting. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make socks but it seems complicated. I am not mathematical at all. You will have to teach me someday.

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      1. It is difficult and it was one of the few moments Mom was proud of me because I could comprehend how to make them. I guess others had failed she tried to teach before me ha. Don’t worry about the math, there is none and if you can follow a set of simple instructions you’re golden. 😉

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