On the 5th Day of Birth Month…

“On the 5th Day of Birth Month, my true self gives to you…


” 5… C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E…. B-A-R-S…”


“4 Sassy Goats…”

band and barn 115

“3 Fluffy Hens…”


“2 Naughty Horses…”


“And a Chicken in a Pine Tree.”

Chocolate…one of my favorite words of all times!  In fact, chocolate is part of my top ten favorite things in life!   I have to admit, I am a dark chocolate snob.  Dark chocolate, a touch of sea salt…better than…well, everything!    Granted, I have not met a chocolate I didn’t like, but I try to stick to dark chocolate.  It is an anti-oxidant, therefore it is health food!

So, in honor of Day 4 of Birth Month, go and enjoy a rich and creamy piece of delicious chocolate!  Trust me, I will be joining you!

Love Yourself…and Your Chocolate

Embrace Yourself…and Your Chocolate

Just Be You…



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