On the Second Day of Birth Month…

“On the second day of Birth Month, my true self gives to you…”

“Two naughty horses…”


“And a chicken in a pine tree”

Yes, Velvet and Magic are two spoiled and naughty horses, but I would not have them any other way.

When I think of the number two, I realize how important it is, in my life.  I am a twin and I gave birth to twins.  In fact, my son and daughter are the 5th generation of twins in my family.  I already apologized to my daughter for the “buy one, get one” gene!  Now don’t panic…there is not another “Roda” roaming the Earth.  I have a twin brother who is the complete opposite of me!  You decide if that is a positive or negative!

Happy November 2nd!  Enjoy this beautiful day and everything it has to offer…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



24 thoughts on “On the Second Day of Birth Month…

      1. We’re having the best time. We took Walter for remedial obedience training, had a psychologist session, and now we’re watching the news while we eat food that melted during the power outage. Woohoo…good times…

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    1. They get in the same stall together, even when they know they have their own stall. we have to lock their stall doors. They learned how to lock them at night. We have walked into the barn in the morning and found them standing in the middle of the room with the grain tubs open and spilled everywhere!💚 love them!!


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