On the First Day of Birth Month…

“On the first day of Birth Month, my true self gives to you…”


“A chicken in a pine tree”

Happy November 1st!  November is a magical time! The trees continue to lose their leaves, and at the same time, snow flurries dance in the air.  One never knows what type of weather November will bring, in Michigan!

I love my birth month!  I was born in 1971, 2 months early, weighing only 2 lbs, 3 oz. In fact, no one knew I even existed!  During a time when technology did not rule the world, listening for a heart beat was the method used.  The doctor only detected one heart beat, my twin brother’s.   Once he was born, guess what?  The doctor discovered me, still cozy inside the womb.  It is amazing to me that we both survived and were healthy, considering our birth weight.  Yet, here I am today!  Life is good, filled with so many blessings and so many reasons to give thanks.

Wishing everyone a beautiful kickoff to this magical month!

Love Yourself…Embrace yourself…Just Be You…




18 thoughts on “On the First Day of Birth Month…

  1. Happy birth month Roda! You are amazing to have survived!! And have good health! My son was born 2lb 9oz,he spent first two months in neonatal unit, was ventilated, had a hernia and hole in his heart which all resolved themselves.
    He turned 19 less than two weeks ago. He is about 6 foot 2 inches tall and the most thoughtful person I know. I always say we will never win the lotto as he was our lotto win because we were blessed that he survived but you were definitely a miracle considering there were no neonatal units on-hand back then!

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  2. The amazing thing that is life.
    I was born with numerous complications and they were apparently bad enough that the doctor told my folks not to expect me to live through the night.
    And yet … here we are.
    You looking in fine fettle, I must say, and me polishing my walker, adjusting my toupee and rinsing my teeth out in gin.
    But we are here nonetheless.

    Happy Birthmonth.


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  3. And so it begins 😉. Happy birth month fairy sister. Good thing we declared an entire month for this special occasion because something a little something will be a little late after making a pit stop at my house first 😉🎂

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