The Journey

When I need to recharge, I turn to Mother Nature.  Fall is my favorite time to spend in the forest.  It is during these moments that I find myself pondering and reflecting LIFE.  When I contemplate my life, I realize that it has been filled with numerous journeys.  Some are small, yet extremely meaningful and some are grand and life changing.  Regardless of the size, each journey has an end point…a place of transition or change.


What is more important?  The journey’s end or the process of the journey?   Maybe they are both equally important? Maybe it is not about what we will become at the end of the journey, but unbecoming everything that is no longer needed or true along the way.  Maybe the journey is about discovering who we are meant to be in the first place?

Fall is such a beautiful journey for Mother Nature…

As you step forward into this new week, trust and embrace each and every point of your journey.  One never knows where a journey might lead…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



31 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. Usually, by this time of year, the heat is on and we’re battening down the hatches ready for winter. We are two weeks past our usual start of the heating season and I can honestly say that this Fall has been a nice one, in spite of the lackluster foliage. Go Fall!!! No wait…don’t go… I just jinxed myself there, didn’t I?

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  2. Beautiful post and photos Roda! I particularly love “unbecoming everything that is no longer needed”…I think we can be slow to change and to let go unnecessary and unhelpful baggage! I’m on mid-term break and grateful for 3 days in Kerry starting shortly and I’m going to keep your suggestion in mind…”trust and embrace each and every point of your journey”.

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