Roda’s Critter Connection Challenge

10-25-17 032.JPG
This is a new spider discovery for me.  Still trying to figure out what it is!  I think I know a special “Spider Man” that might be able to save my day!

Grab your camera and join me in celebrating Mother Nature’s wondrous creatures, through my “Critter Connection” Challenge!

One critter…one photo…it is that simple!

Challenge ends on October 31st!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


10-25-17 024.JPG

10 thoughts on “Roda’s Critter Connection Challenge

  1. Either wolf spider or a nursery web spider – but from the eye pattern – three rows of eyes – four smaller ones on the bottom two large middle, and from what I can tell by enlarger the photo two medium on top, I’ll say Wolf.

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