Let the Festivities Begin!

It is that time of year…Halloween! For the next week, we will transform Indigo Acres into a haunted farm! Nothing bloody and gory, mind you… Just nice, traditional, spooky Halloween!

This year’s theme is “Year of the Vampire”!  On Friday night, we will haunt out Indigo Acres for about 40 teenagers, sending them on a scavenger hunt to 12 different themed stations, throughout our property.   What is our job during this time?  To sneak up on innocent children, when they least expect it. We always invite a few friends to help us out with this task!  A fun time is had by all!

Monday night, we headed out to the barn and up the stairs, to the second floor, where all of the spooky “toys” are stored.  Granted, Wifey calls them “toys”, but I question this.  Some of them are just down right creepy!  When we started haunting the farm 3 years ago, I made her promise to turn all of the sound and motion sensors OFF when we are up, working in the barn.  I took a deep breath, for it was time to begin the unpacking process and organize the scary “toys” by theme.

Our large Halloween friends were excited to come out and play!
Unpacking the graveyard items!
The upstairs of the barn will be transformed into Dracula’s Castle!


It took us about 3 hours to unpack all of our items. Keep in mind, the photos were taken during the first hour of our unpacking!

We have been very busy in the under garage creating, as well!  Why not build a few stone columns to add to the cemetery display…

Wifey loves to build things!  She built the foundation of the column with old lumber and polystyrene.
My job is to make her structures come to life! I used a wood burning tool to carve/ melt the foam board.
Making progress…
The carving is complete!  Now for paint!
Applying the base coat…
The base coat is complete!  Now for some detail…
Wifey is joining in the painting fun!  You can see another one of her DYI creatures, in the background!
What a perfect way to use pruned tree branches!
Meet our mad scientist!  His hands were created using spray foam. His hair is up next!
As Wifey continues to paint the accent color, I enjoy adding detail with cans of black spray paint!  

It is late and 6 a.m. will be here very soon…  More Halloween updates coming soon! BOO!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…




11 thoughts on “Let the Festivities Begin!

  1. You should be charging admission for this! You could make a small fortune, people would come from all over to see this-great artistry! You just need a couple “walkers” to complete the transformation 🙂

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