Music is such an important part of my life.    I am unable to think of the last time I turned on the T.V. or even watched a movie, but the last song I listened to was “Sanctuary” by Carrie Newcomer, just moments ago…if I am awake, music is floating in the air.

I am the type of person that has playlists for everything: playlists for painting, gardening playlists, workout playlists…even playlists based on my moods. You name the event, and I probably have a playlist for it!   As I sit here, writing my blog posts, the lyrics from the song “Sanctuary” make me pause…  I have listened to this song 100 times and can sing every word, but today, it resonates with my heart and soul.

Granted, I am a bit of a mushy sap these last few days. Wifey and I celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary this Friday.  I feel blessed beyond words to celebrate this magical day with my best friend, my soulmate…my wife.

We all have a “Sanctuary” inside of us that is our “safe place”.  Many of us also have a special “Sanctuary” in nature, such as the forest or seashore, that bring us peace and grounding.  These places become temples for our heart and soul.  People can be a “Sanctuary” as well.  I know I feel most at peace when I have Wifey by my side.  She grounds me…

During life’s busy times, it is most important to find your “Sanctuary“.  Enjoy this precious time and the gift of renewal it will bestow…

I hope you enjoy “Sanctuary” by Carrie Newcomer.  She has an amazing, rich alto voice which is completely mesmerizing!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


27 thoughts on “Sanctuary

  1. I love that you love music.
    Music, apart from the pure love we have for our children, is the most real form of magic on Earth.
    Love and good things for you and lovely Wifey and family ❤❤❤❤

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  2. I love music but I honestly never thought about making a playlist for my moods or what I am doing that really is a great idea.We have speakers outdoors we turn on when we are working we work better with music lol.

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  3. Happy Anniversary! I don’t have any playlists, I listen to Pandora when I run and love to be surprised when a song I really like happens to show up, especially after 10+ miles, it really keeps my spirits up when all I want to do is quit 🙂


  4. Oh congratulations on your anniversary!! 🌹🌹 Very sweet to speak of your wife as your sanctuary and I understand that feeling. Beautifully worded. I hope you have many wonderful years together ahead!

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  5. Finally got to listen to this alone in my hotel room. what a lovely song and a great voice. Thank you so much for posting it Roda.
    Music is a big part of my life too and I must have my tunes when drawing. Don’t think my own wifey likes it much as we have very different tastes. We overlap a bit on some folk music and bluegrass but even then we tend to like entirely different songs. She prefers upbeat major key stuff where I have always been into more melancholy minor key songs. She definitely dies not share my love for loud rock music!
    Writing this has made me think about music in the context of my own changes recently. Perhaps the reason for my being unable to settle in what music I listen to the last few weeks is because I identify less with that melancholia now I am happier than for years?
    My own sanctuary is anywhere I can be alone. Still get exhausted by the expectations of others when I am with them, even those I love. Happy or not I am always going to be an introvert so why fight it provided I get some alone time occasionally?

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