Rainy Day Reflection

10-14-17 002

It is a dreary and rainy Saturday morning… My eyes are still hazy and my voice is not quite ready to speak. I am surrounded by the warm covers, relishing in the silence, while listening to the raindrops tap, tap, tap on the skylights. For me, rain is silence. It is cleansing…a purifier…it delivers peace and clarity. It relaxes every part of my being…

It is during times like these, that I find myself reflecting. My mind wanders to past memories and experiences. I ask myself if it is even necessary to journey back in time, in my head. Is it healthy? I am moving forward and not in that direction, so is it even worth while? Is there anything left for me to discover there?

As the pace of the rain picks up, I find my thoughts visiting my family.  Thoughts of my mother, who walked out of my life years ago and my twin brother that followed the same path. Regardless of my sadness, I wish them well. I try not to return to these times. I find there’s nothing new to discover from these memories. I have visited them hundreds of times, looking for answers, only to find sorrow.   My mind drifts to my Father, remembering what an amazing man he was and that his life ended too quickly… I welcome the tears from my Dad, allowing them to heal and cleanse my heart that misses him so.

During these quiet moments, my mind wanders back to these days. It is comforting to know when I visit, I now feel peace. Contentment. Although silent tears run down my cheeks, I choose to not question why. A relationship takes two. I would never want someone in my life that didn’t wholeheartedly embrace being there. I release and let go…

Once again, I will close the door on these memories, although it never appears to remain locked. I will let the rain cleanse my thoughts and wash them away. I will wipe my tears… I am thankful for rainy days. They clear my head and ground me. These days purify me and allow me to breath deeply, focusing on blessings and forgiveness.

I am thankful for the pitter-patter, knowing it will return, cleansing my soul once again…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


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35 thoughts on “Rainy Day Reflection

  1. Sweet, sad and their loss. Take time to rest and reflect, and thank universe for placing you where you really belong. Every person fights a daily battle, but looks like you came out victorious. Love and hugs. This will pass and the sun will rise and shine again. Have a wonderful, peaceful weekend.

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  2. What a beautiful piece.
    I love the rain. It’s magical in all sorts of ways. I feel a lot of your past reflections..I understand not wishing to dwell but often being unable to stop the flow of memories.
    Hugs and thoughts and kisses ❤

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  3. Hello, Roda. I love this piece that you have written. Not to mimic “Lost Soul” but, I find it a comfort when I listen to the rain. Memories, whether good or bad slink into my mind on those types of days.
    Lately, I try desperately to concentrate on the positive within me.
    Again… I really felt this one.


  4. I feel the same way about the rain, there is something calming about it that prepares me to reflect on memories that hurt or helps heal me while in an emotionally painful situation. I’m sorry that people walked out of your life but I think it is both healthy and strong to hold the view on it that you do. I’m glad the rain helps ground you so you can reflect like you do, this post helped me feel calmer and reflect also. 🌹

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      1. Yes so true, I always experience it when I’m camping and there is just a little shower…its just so relaxing/meditative… I really like the way you’re putting words together and express the way you’re feeling! How sad or beautiful things can be, it is a gift!!

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