The Funnel Spider

I know…I am on a bit of a critter focus lately, but I can’t help myself!   Some of my favorite friends show themselves this time of year.  They appear to be stepping right in front of the camera, saying “Me…Me…take a photo of me!”.  How can I argue with that?

When I walked outside of the garage, to the large ornamental spruce, I noticed that one of Mother Nature’s creatures had been busy.  It was the perfect Fall morning with thick dew.  Thick dew only means one thing…run and get the camera, for the spiders are calling!

9-23-17 026
This funnel spider’s web is about 9″ in diameter
9-23-17 027
I know what you are thinking.  It looks like a hot mess!  Be patient…
9-23-17 022
I think I see something…
9-23-17 023
Look at that funnel!  The camera lens is about 2 inches from the opening…
9-23-17 032
There she is!  I knew she would emerge for a morning photo shoot!
9-23-17 020
A True Weaving Artist


The funnel or grass spider (Agelenids) is an amazing artist!  These beautiful weavers are nocturnal and are known to flee from light.  I can tell you from experience, they are quick little buggers!  Unfortunately, they live for less than a year and tend to die from the cold weather.  Females rarely leave their webs. Each time I check on my 8 legged friend, she is hiding in her funnel.   She will lay her eggs in the Fall and her spiderlings will hatch in the Spring.  I am on the lookout for an egg sac daily.   It is said that many females spiders are found dead, in the Spring, clinging to their egg sac…

Such beautiful creatures can be found in the cracks and crevices of life…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


9-23-17 028.JPG

19 thoughts on “The Funnel Spider

    1. Think of it this way…They are tiny. I think about how they feel when we look at them. We could squish them instantly. There is nothing to fear. When you see them up close, they are quite beautiful.🕷💚

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  1. Spiders are awesome creatures! Thank you for this sharing.
    Having recently moved from Michigan to southern California, there are black widows here. They tend to not enter the home and usually reside a ways away from human dwellings. However, the Brown Recluse does love the inside of human homes. I just recently learned there is now a Brown Widow spider, working its way into the states.

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