Goodbye, My Dear Friend Comet

This weekend, I said goodbye to my dear friend, Comet. To most, she was just a chicken.  To me, she was a friend and farm companion. Comet was from our first flock of 12 chickens, when Indigo Acres was established in 2014. She was the first to greet me at the food pan each morning.  She loved to follow me into the hay barn and peck at the leftover treats she would find on the floor.  She loved assisting me on the tractor and would never hesitate to climb aboard.  My heart hurts, knowing Indigo Acres will never be quite the same without this amazing girl. Goodbye, my dear friend…you will be greatly missed.


Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



34 thoughts on “Goodbye, My Dear Friend Comet

  1. Oh, sweetie, I am so sorry. There is nothing about any animal we love that is “just a” Just a dog, Just a cat, just a chicken…nope if we love them, they are everything. How are the other animals doing? How is Wifey taking it? Comet was the luckiest chicken to have such wonderful humans looking after her while she was looking after you all. Massive hugs, honey!

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