Painting fills me with so much joy! When I create, time stands still.  I think of nothing, yet I feel everything.  This past Saturday, I created “Flourish”. This painting will be part of an upcoming project, which I will share more details about in the near future.  I feel blessed to have the opportunity and am very excited to watch this creative endeavor come to fruition.

I log my creative progress, through photos, as I paint.  I enjoy looking back and watching the creative magic unfold!  Here is a peek at the creative journey of “Flourish”…













Final piece – Photo taken in natural light.

DO What You Love…Love What You DO!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



42 thoughts on “Flourish

      1. But it is also expensive and the main idea being that the object /em> being painted should get the bulk of the paint.
        It is not a medium I have ever been even marginally proficient at or inclined to learn either.

        My father paints – oils and water-colour. Has done since the 60s. Actually I am not sure if he still does, but I have several of his works on the walls of my office.
        My son uses charcoal and we have one of his large pieces hanging in the lounge.

        I follow a blogger called Footsy who is also an artist and a few years back, while, she was living in Spain, she posted a picture of one of her pieces.
        She was very shy about it but I thought it was delightful and nagged her to show more of her work and pushed and pushed her to display her work publicly and have an exhibition where she was, which she eventually did.

        I was blown away when she announced out of the blue that her next piece was for me!
        It is of a baobab tree and hangs almost directly in front of my desk above my wall clock.

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    1. Thanks! I so enjoy photographing the process, as I paint. I’ve been working on a new site, just for my art. Hoping to have it up in the next month or so. I need to catch up on a few commissioned pieces before I can play for me!😜


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