Be Still

I continue to remind myself that it is truly Autumn in Michigan.  This is difficult to believe, for temperatures have been in the 90s!  Keep in mind, we did not have a single 90 degree day all summer, yet these blistering hot days are here to stay through Tuesday. Although I dislike high temperatures, I continue to remind myself that I need to embrace each day and live in the moment.

I adore Autumn! I feel like it is a time I personally grow and blossom most of all.  My heart races with excitement each September, as I hunt for dew filled spider webs, brilliant blue dragonflies and watch for my beautiful orb spider among the nasturtium and marigolds.

9-23-17 038

To experience her spinning such a magical creation is a moment like no other. She works diligently, continuously…living in the moment. I can learn from my dear friend, to rest and “Be Still” during these sweltering days, for my typical Autumn weather will return soon enough.

Today, Be Still…  Embrace the day for what it is.  As difficult as it can be, don’t wish for tomorrow or next week.  Focus on the present…be patient…  live in the moment…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


9-23-17 015


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