“Critter Connection” Challenge

9-18-17 115

A few days ago, I was asked what I enjoyed photographing most, flowers or insects?  I am unable to answer that question…how does one even begin to choose!?  I am equally passionate about beautiful blooms and Mother Nature’s creatures.  I feel blessed that such a variety of tiny critters choose our gardens to call home.   9-18-17 111

With that thought in mind, I have decided to challenge myself to a daily “Critter Connection”, until October 31!   It is time to capture not only beautiful blooms, but the tiny creatures that surround them! One critter…one photo…it is that simple! (At least I will try to post just one…not sure if I can manage that!)

Grab your camera and join me in celebrating Mother Nature’s wondrous creatures, through my “Critter Connection” Challenge!


Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


28 thoughts on ““Critter Connection” Challenge

      1. Be patient…don’t get your panties in a wad! 😉I just ordered a North American bee identification book yesterday. It is not here yet. My North American garden insect book is not specific enough for bees. You are going to just have to wait!🐝

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      2. Interesting… They are everywhere in the garden right now. They love the zinnias! I plant specific flowers just for the bees. I am hoping to have my own hives in the future, but still deciding what type of bee to raise and hive to build.


      3. This may not be the species, of course.
        I typed this:

        You’ll recognise your bees much better and easier than me , of course.
        But it will now give you something to look out for.
        And you can start to compile a photo log of all your ”Fuzzies.”

        It will be wonderful for you if the rare ones turn up.
        And now you have all the motivation you need to encourage them.

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      4. I checked out the link and it sure looks like it. I love bumbles! There is one three times this size, with a loud buzzzzz! He is not happy with the camera, but I am determined!!


      5. I hope it is this species. You can find out what flowers it prefers and start to grow them.
        How cool would that bee? … I mean be.
        Your photos are great. Once you get your Insect and bee photo catalogue going there must be a local apiary society near you who could help with IDs and wotnot?
        Bees are super important.

        I have shots of a number of bees but I have never seen a big bumble bee down here.

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