Be Still

There is something magical and unique about the sweet autumn clematis…

9-13-17 006

When autumn hues are taking the place of bright green foliage, the peaceful, sweet autumn clematis gracefully trails on, covering everything in her path. She has a silent strength about her, standing out, even when surrounded by Autumn’s beauty.9-13-17 005

Although she appears to not belong, she blankets others already turning in for the season, as if to say, “Let me tuck you in…”


The sweet autumn beauty waits patiently and blooms in her own time, far beyond her surrounding friends.


She stretches her arms and gently embraces everyone in her path…


Today, take a moment to Be Still.Β  Let the sweet autumn clematis remind you that nothing blooms all year or at the same time. Bloom in your own time, in your own way…

Water your roots and allow your soul to gently blossom…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



15 thoughts on “Be Still

    1. Some are tricky and very slow to take off. The sweet autumn grows like a weed! We just picked up a raspberry variety so I am excited to see what it does,over the next few years!! The color is beautiful!

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