Awesome Blogger Award

I am so grateful to be nominated for the Awesome Blogger Award!  A great big thank you goes out to the talented  Cherylene for nominating me! If you have not visited her blog, I highly recommend you check it out! Cherylene shares her experiences and feelings to inspire others!  I so enjoy her blogging adventures!


What is the Awesome Blogger Award?

This award was created by Miss Maggie over at dreaming of Guatemala! And she says :

“This is an award for the absolutely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. They have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter to the lives of their readers. That is what truly defines an awesome blogger.”

Rules of This Award:

• Thank the person who nominated you. Include the reason behind the award. Include the banner in your post.

• Tag it under #awesomebloggeraward in the Reader.

• Answer the questions your nominator gave you.

• Nominate at least 5 awesome bloggers.

• Give your nominees 10 new questions to answer.

• Let your nominees know that they’ve been nominated!

Cherylene’s Questions:

  1. What is the one piece of advice you’ll give new bloggers? Just be you!  Write for you!
  2. What do you wish someone told you about blogging? If someone would have told me that I would meet such amazing and talented individuals, I would have started blogging years ago!
  3. What is one life lesson you’ve learned that you wish to share? The most powerful life lesson I believe anyone can learn is… “Be True To Yourself”. 
  4. Use one or two words to describe your blog. Inspire & Grow
  5. Do you prefer coffee or tea? Tea
  6. What’s your idea of the perfect day? Embrace each day and make it perfect!
  7. Do you have a favorite song at the moment? Small World by Idina Menzel
  8. Do you prefer action, comedy or romance movies? Anything Fantasy!
  9. Other than your blog, what else are you passionate about? Life!
  10. What non-physical attribute do you love most about yourself ? My Intuition


My Nominations:

*I understand that not everyone chooses to be a part of the award nomination process. By nominating the following blogs, I am able to show thanks and appreciation for the joy, knowledge and laughter these individuals have brought to my life. If you choose to take part, that is fantastic! If not, no worries! Just keep writing…

Roda’s Questions: Let’s try something fun with the questions!! 

1. One thing you love?

2. Two favorite colors?

3. Three words you love to use?

4. Four places you have traveled?

5. Five favorite foods?

6. Six musicians or bands you love?

7. Seven survival items you would take while visiting out-of-town relatives over the holidays?

8. 4+4=8. Four favorite vegetables? Four favorite fruits?

9. Nine words that describe you?

10. 10-9=1. One thing you love most about You!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



20 thoughts on “Awesome Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations, dear Roda<3 And thank you very much for the nomination! No wonder you have been nominated for this award – You are truly a source of my inspiration!! The message you share with the world always resonate with me and let me take a deep breath and remind me of the importance of being comfortable in my own skin. Thank you for the love, Roda ❤

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  2. Hi Roda, Thank you for nominating me for The Awesome Blogger Award. Of course, I always appreciate your blogs for both your amazing photography and inspiring & often informational content. Being relatively new to blogging, about three months, I don’t know where to post my responses to the questions for this award or how to nominate other bloggers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I find it is easiest to copy and past my post to a new blog post on your blog. Then you have a template to work from. Change the opening paragraph, questions, etc to fit your post. Copy and paste other bloggers sites, that you want to recommend, to your list. If you copy right from one of their most current posts, it will automatically link to there post and notify them. I hope this helps! Don’t hesitate to ask questions!! 💚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. For some reason, I can’t cut and paste from the site. I’ve tried transferring the Awesome Blogger Award photo by itself. No luck. Going to take a break and perhaps try again when I have more time. Sincere thanks for nominating me, regardless. Very grateful.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You should be able to highlight all of my text and copy it. Then open a new blog post within your blog and paste it. If you can’t get the image to transfer from within my blog post you can always search for images online and they will all pop up.

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      3. I hate to have you retype everything,but you can open two windows and keep the award up in one and your new post in another so you can see everything. Good luck! I wish I could be more helpful

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    1. Roda, I want to thank you for nominating me for the Awesome Blogger Award. I don’t have enough tech savvy to do all the steps required in accepting the award. That’s fine for now. I’m grateful to be nominated. I wanted to say how much I appreciate your blog. Your photography is stunning and at the end of the day, I look forward to your inspiring posts. Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations! What a perfect award for you. Literally every word in the description made me think of your blog.💜
    All the best to you always 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

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