The Carpool Tag

I have to admit, this is my first time ever being tagged!  Thank you to Jen at   for adding some extra fun to my day!


The Carpool Tag was created by Rebecca, from The Finicky Cynic.  Her inspiration…

I was inspired to create this sort of tag due to the fact that I’ve done my fair share of carpooling at home and abroad, whether with family and friends or with complete strangers (safely, of course!). I find carpooling not only to be an economical way of getting from place to place, but also a great way to bond with other passengers! Friendship makes the world go ’round, am I right?

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who tagged you in their post.
  • Link back to the original creator of the tag.
  • Pick your car (model, size, color, etc.).
  • Answer the questions (can be either real people in your life or celebrities/fictional characters).
  • Tag as many bloggers you would like to do the tag.

Car Type: I am driving my dream car! A candy apple red, Mini Cooper S. Her name is Vern!


The Driver:  I would be the driver, if the adventure consisted of back roads and no traffic!  If driving on the highway is a must, then Wifey will take the wheel and I will hold onto the “Oh Jesus” handle!img_4075

The DJ: Anything by the Indigo Girls!  I have been a fan since “Closer to Fine” was released in  1989! Folk music of all sorts is fine by me!  (Linda, want me to pick you up!?)   Oh, and Broadway tunes for a car sing along is a must!  (Jay, since you have so much Broadway experience, I can pick you up on the way to pick up Linda!  In that case, I will stop and get Nel first, since she is on the way!  By the way, Nel already called shotgun!)22a7f687-1fed-40a4-9412-1662910d5fd5

The back-seaters: Usually, the three teenagers are my back-seaters!  They so love when they all have to pile in the backseat of Vern!  (Linda and Jay, I have already drawn the imaginary line in the backseat, so there is no arguing about the dividing line! And Jay, no cheese snacks of any kind in Vern!)

The Carsick:  My youngest son becomes extremely ill when riding in the car!  Linda will most likely turn green quickly, once she has to listen to Gordon Lightfoot, so I will have happy little disposable bags and salty treats ready for either of my car sick duos!


Life is amazing…Enjoy the Ride!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



27 thoughts on “The Carpool Tag

  1. Oh! You are like me! I can’t drive in traffic. Only backroads or local roads for me! Highways and interstates make me panic, so hubby drives. Even then I sometimes want out of the car. It’s just awful…

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      1. Me too!! We’re on the highway now, and I’m avoiding panic by checking blogs lol. I usually break or am calling out “watch out, car”, which gets me the you’re not driving spiel lol. So I have just started reading in the car as a distraction!

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  2. Hahaha! Yesssssss! Shotgun! So I can make sure everyone in the car is singing and dancing along to the Indigo girls and Broadway tunes! Thanks for tagging me! I’ll definitely be doing this one soon. 😁

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  3. Why isn’t there a damn “hate” button on here? I mean really! You are going to pick me up to torture me! Torture I tell you! Nel called shotgun so she obviously knows what she’s in for. No need to put a dividing line between Jay and me. WE like each other!

    You can play anything you like. Don’t care! I have 7000 songs on my iPhone, I’ll bet I can find something to listen to with my earbuds. Jay can let me know when there’s a good show tune, notice I said GOOD, and we’ll all sing together heading down the highway. Keep in mind that if you try to sabotage my iPhone plan and make me listen to Gordon Lightfoot, I will definitely NOT be using the little bags you so “thoughtfully” provided. I will be sitting directly behind you and when I feel the need to revisit my lunch, it’s gonna end up on you! Don’t want to stain Vern, after all!

    If Jay can’t have cheese snacks then I will bring some lovely Stilton and/or a nice Dolce gorgonzola., Of course, we must have sliced apples and pears, along with a nice slightly sweet oatcake or toasted baguette. These are just the accompaniments. The real star will be a vintage port. Backseat consumption ONLY! Yup, we’re gonna live it up in the backseat of Vern. Do you think you could install one of those privacy screens like they have in the limos? I love those things! 🐉 ❤️ 🐉 ❤️ 🐉

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