Complete Naughtiness!

A few days ago, I made my way out the barn for my usual morning chores.  I should have known that even though the air was filled with a peaceful September chill, something did not feel right!  Why?  One word…GOATS!  Normally, as soon as the garage door opens, the beckoning begins!  Their constant banter only means one thing… “Woman, where is our hay!”  When I made my way around the corner of the house and heard nothing, I knew I was in trouble…

From left to right: Pippin, Sam, Diny, Oatmeal

As I came around the back of the barn, these four critters came running towards me, as if to say, “Look Mama, we are out!  We are not supposed to be out, but someone forgot to bungee cord our gate and well, we couldn’t help ourselves.  The pine trees were so yummy and those apple trees were complete delicious… ”

I simply replied, “You are all naughty!”

And what did I get…sass!  Even from the goats!  As you can see from the photo, Pippin was feeling a bit sorry, but Sam stuck his tongue out at me, as did Diny!  Oatmeal, had complete attitude and I swear rolled his eyes at me!  NO respect…

It was time to assess the damage…

Looks like they enjoyed a beautiful, young apple tree!

I returned everyone to their proper home and gave Thing 1, 2, 3 and 4 a firm lecture about following the farm rules and respecting their Mama.  Time will tell…

But Mama, I want to be with you…

Please know, I adore these four hooligans!  They are truly the comic relief on the farm!  They are hilarious and naughty and completely perfect!


My daughter loves the goats!  Although, I can’t say that cleaning out the goat run is her favorite hobby.  She and her friends do enjoy walking the goats on leashes, around the farm.

El and Diny

Pippin and Sam are two years old.  They were triplets, but sadly Frodo did not make it…  They are truly the most gentle creatures.  Their movements are much like that of a deer.

Pippin, Sam and Frodo
Baby Sam and Mama

Diny and Oatmeal are Pygmy goats.  There is nothing deer-like or gentle about them!  They are solid eating machines!  They are truly beasts!

Diny and Oatmeal have been escaping since they were babies!  There was nothing like having a nice family dinner, when all of a sudden, two goats were standing at the screen door, of the upper deck!

Life on the farm would never be the same without these four trouble makers!   I have apple trees to replace and pine trees to prune, yet they are so worth it!   They love me, no matter what!  And, I love them…good, bad and naughty!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



16 thoughts on “Complete Naughtiness!

  1. I like your goats. They are my kind of animals if they give you a little sass and attitude. I so relate to that need!

    Oh! Your apple trees are probably fine if the one in the picture is any indication of the damage. I once had a couple of crab apples chewed to the ground by my geese and they put up a single shoot and started growing., Now they are very big, indeed. If the roots are still strong, the branches will recover.

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