Seven Steps to Love: Recovering from Self-Hate

Once again, Shelly has written a powerful post about healing and Self Love… Thank you Shelly for your beautiful words…

As always,
Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…

Love is Stronger

On my blog at various points, I have written about how for many years, I unconsciously struggled to love and accept myself and as a result, I often got stuck in patterns of self-loathing and self-hate. (You can read more about this here, here,here, and here.)

When I realized that I struggled with this and that it often fueled my patterns of anxiety and perfectionism, I was shocked. I knew that self-hate was not good for me, but I did not know how to heal this problem.

My self-hate often felt like an addiction or an automatic response to certain triggers in my life. I became aware that it was some sort of coping mechanism that I used, although I did not fully understand what I was using it for. Because self-hate felt like a kind of addiction, I became interested in researching recovery groups like AA…

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