Harvesting Dill

Dill is one of my favorite herbs to grow. It has wonderful flavor and is a beautiful gift to the bees!  Yesterday, we spent much time harvesting the 4-5 foot dill plants from the herb garden. I love that I smell like a walking dill pickle!!

8-27-17 bugs and garden 021

I apologized to the bees for taking their food away, but I waited as long as possible.  They understood and headed right over the borage patch!

The Magical World of Dill

flowers and butterfly 8-5-17 021
The dill flower head… Once the flower head is dried, seeds can be stored for next year’s planting. Seeds and leaves also add a nice flavor to many fish, seafood and egg dishes.
9-3-17 herbs and critters 012
Dill leaves
I store the dill heads in a large brown paper bag, in a cool dry place. Once completely dry, I gentle shake the bags and the seeds fall to the bottom of the bag.  The heads can be composted and the seeds saved for future cooking and planting.
harvest 9-3-17 024
Murphy was a great helper!
harvest 9-3-17 038
Dill leaves are rinsed and left out to dry.  Once completely dry, they are also stored in brown paper bags, in a cool dry place.
flowers and conifers aug 2017 036
Dill is widely known for use in making homemade dill pickles, yet it has so many more gifts!  It is a wonderful digestive aid and can be used as a colic remedy in infants.  Dill leaves also make wonderful veggie dips. Enjoy this whimsical herb!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


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20 thoughts on “Harvesting Dill

  1. Great photos Roda, of one of my favourite plants!! We get it’s close relative, fennel, growing wild in West Cornwall, but I haven’t come across any up here in Scotland. My mouth is watering just thinking of some megrim sole with a dill sauce………..yum!! 🙂

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