Let the Festivities Begin!

What a fabulous weekend!  There is nothing I love more than days filled with creative adventures!  Fall always brings many DYI projects to Indigo Acres.  Each year, we haunt the farm and create a scavenger hunt for about 30+ teenagers, at the end of October.  The older they become, the more we have to step up our game!  Although we have a rough outline for the Haunt of 2017, our goal this weekend was to begin to “Fall-ify” as much as possible, inside and out!

9-3-17 herbs and critters 006
Dartha knew it was time to decorate for her favorite season!  She was right by the front door, waiting for some action!

The first project I had on my list was a bare branch Halloween tree for the living room.  We had just finished pruning our large magnolia tree, so I had the perfect gnarly branch for the project.

I stripped all of the leaves off of the branch.
I spray painted the branch with a can of black spray paint.


Once the paint was dry, I used an old metal umbrella stand as a base.  I filled it with black rocks, to hold the branch in place.
The branch had the perfect Halloween look and feel I was hoping for…now, it was time to decorate!
Finding Halloween ornaments has been a bit of a challenge, but at least I found a few.  It will be a fun shopping adventure!  Thank goodness Amazon.com could help me out with a few ornaments!
What would a Halloween tree be without some purple lights, spooky spider webs and a few skulls!  Although my little tree is far from finished, it has a great beginning!

My next DYI adventure was creating a base for our Department 56 Halloween Village.  It was time for some Styrofoam and spray paint action!

This is what I started with…

The great thing about using rust-oleum spray paint, on Styrofoam, is that it melts it just enough to create a rock surface!  It was just perfect!

The next step was to create a rocky platform for the haunted church.  I connected 5 pieces together, using Styrofoam glue.  I then started to create!  A dry wall knife worked great for sculpting Styrofoam!

And a little spray paint action does the trick!

Once everything was completely dry, it was time to set up the village…

The little hill was perfect!  Adding a variety of mosses gave it the realistic appearance I was hoping for.
What a difference a little moss can make!
Although creating realistic landscaping was extremely time-consuming, I so enjoyed the artistic challenge!
This was our first season with the village.   Wifey and I were both extremely pleased with the final product.  It will be fun to add to the scene each year!

Although we were enjoying our inside projects, it was time to “Fall-ify” a bit outside!…

9-3-17 herbs and critters 004
This cute, light up Jack-o-lantern is one of my favorite props!
9-3-17 herbs and critters 003
We try not to pull out the serious Halloween decor until October.  For now, a few pumpkins and mums are the perfect choices for September.
9-3-17 herbs and critters 005
The mums are just beginning to bloom.
Dartha loves Halloween!  This spooky black chicken was happy to help us out all afternoon and this was only the beginning…

By the way…if the shoe fits, make sure you find a broom and hat to match!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…




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