September’s Welcome…

Welcome September!  Change is in the air and my senses are tickled with delight!  Although the gardens are quickly fading, they hold a more relaxed and peaceful beauty, this time of year.  They have worked hard and are now able to rest, allowing their colors to adjust to the season’s change.

There are some things too beautiful for human words.   With that, I will pass this post over to Mother Nature’s September Beauties…

Dahlias, Black-Eyed Susan & Butterfly Bush
Hydrangea Love
Hydrangeas in Pink
Hydrangea blooms, hot pink Echinacea, Hosta buds and Aphrodite.
The Sunflower

Let Autumn petals dance in the breeze…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


24 thoughts on “September’s Welcome…

  1. If I told you I have been waiting in anticipation for a post about September from you, would you believe me? And I wasn’t disappointed 🌺
    Oh, I feel I can breathe again now autumn is here. Ahhhh.
    I’ve been toying with a September /Autumn poem….I may finish it now with your photos as my final piece of Inspiration.
    Ok I’m done! Much love 🌺🍁🌲

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