Take a Leap of Faith!

Mother Nature’s magic is always present, if we just take a moment to be still, observe and listen.  I happened to meet up with this fabulous critter, while working in the Italian broccoli patch.

8-27-17 bugs and garden 006

At first, she was shy and not thrilled that I invaded her dinner time.  I would aim the lens in one direction and she would move her head in the other direction.  It became a bit of a hide and seek game.  Being the competitive soul that I am, I put on my hat of patience, for I was determined to photograph her!

8-27-17 bugs and garden 005

This stunning grasshopper quickly realized that I was not going away and began to relax a bit.  Granted, she continued to eat the young broccoli leaves, never offering me a single bite!

8-27-17 bugs and garden 011
“Oh…you’re still here…”
As I zoomed closer, I was drawn to the stunning detail of her body!  Based on her legs, it was a given that much of her time was spent in the gym!  What a powerhouse!!

8-27-17 bugs and garden 017

After some time, I felt she was becoming restless.  I wanted her to be able to finish her meal, so I thanked her for her time and bid her farewell…

8-27-17 bugs and garden 010
Until we meet again, my friend…
Mother Nature has so much to teach us.  This beautiful grasshopper reminded me of many valuable life lessons…  I was a giant in her eyes, yet, she appeared fearless.  She remained present, when she could have easily jumped away.  She encouraged me to always take a leap of faith and trust my intuition.

When you have an encounter with this beautiful green creature, take a moment to thank her for her lesson and reflect on her teachings…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



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