Our Final Construction Project

If you have been following Growing Self  since it all began, in March 2017, you know that we have had a few construction projects this year. Our focus has been to create our “Stay-cation” .  When our hobby farm, Indigo Acres, was established in 2014, we were committed to call this home forever.  Our home is 20 years young, which means a few renovations are needed.

In 2017, we have tackled our final house renovations: a complete kitchen remodel, new flooring and paint throughout the entire house and the installation of almost 50 new windows!  There is only one renovation left to tackle…the pool!


Although the pool looks beautiful from afar, it has a few issues.  First, there is a leak, causing water loss.  Secondly, the bottom desperately needs to be painted…this is where it becomes a bit complicated.  Beyond the pool is a large natural pond…  The water table has become extremely high, in this area, over the years.   Originally, the pool installation was a serious undertaking, with almost 50 well points installed to pump the ground water to a level where the pool could be safely and successfully created.

The current worry…by the time we spend weeks pumping the ground water to a level where we can successfully drain the pool to paint,  there is still a good chance it will pop out of the ground.  NOT FUN!   Solving this problem took some creative problem solving!  Our team of amazing pool experts embraced our water challenge. We all came to the conclusion that the best approach was to fill in the 9 foot deep end, creating a sports/lap pool.  Although this is a pricey venture , it is a much less expensive option, compared to starting from scratch, if our current pool were to pop out of the ground.

Today, the pool construction began…

Let the draining of the pool water begin!
So far, so good!
Gravel was added, to fill in the deep end, as the pool was slowly drained.
We were in the clear!  The weight of the gravel did its job beautifully!
Gravel was spread throughout the deep end and the old decorative tile was removed.
We were out of the danger zone!  What an amazing and productive Day 1 of pool renovations!   Keep a lookout for more updates on our final renovation project!

Just Keep Swimming…Just Keep Swimming…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You



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