Harvest Time!

It is the beginning of our main harvest time, here at Indigo Acres!  The garden is filled with an array of brightly colored fruits and veggies, just waiting to be a part of a health and delicious meal! Although we finished harvesting zucchini, strawberries and black raspberries earlier in the season, there is much more to come…

I have a passion for grape vines!  I love everything about them! This was the first year we actually let the vines fruit.  We wanted the plants to take as much energy as needed to grow a deep and secure root system.  We have 20 grape vines, consisting of himrod (green), reliance (red) and concord (purple).  The chickens love grapes!  They are very happy to devour our seconds!


The blackberries and boysenberries have not only been prolific this year, but bigger and sweeter than ever!  I find myself getting lost in the berry patch, filling my tummy full of yummy goodness! Many of our berries are bagged and frozen, to use in smoothies thought the year.


Apple picking will begin mid-September with Gala and Wealthy.  Honey Crisp, Jonathon, Macintosh and Fuji will follow by the end of September.  October brings the famous Red delicious, Prairie Spy and Golden Delicious.  We have over 40 apple trees and are excited for what their future will hold!  This year we lost many of our blossoms, due to a late frost.  Next year is a new year and we look forward to a beautiful crop of juicy organic apples!

Wifey is passionate about growing watermelons!  They are her favorite!  This year, she added yellow, pink and red watermelons!  This yummy fruit is called “Steve” in our home.  My daughter stared calling watermelons “Steve” when she was a toddler…it stuck! We have a special affection for our “Steves”!


Muskmelons were also added to the garden this year.  They have been prolific!  I am so excited to cut one open, in just a few short weeks!!


We wrapped up our zucchini harvest last weekend.  I LOVE zucchini!  In fact, I have two freshly baked loaves of zucchini bread cooling on the counter…can you smell it?  YUM! I so enjoyed growing zucchini balls this year!  They were great sliced, dipped in egg, bread crumbs and herbal seasoning then baked or grilled! We shred much of our zucchini and freeze it to use in breads and baked goods throughout the year.


The tomatoes are beginning to turn!  Cherry tomatoes are so much fun to grow, especially when they come in yellow, orange and red!  They are wonderful roasted with onion and garlic and then processed into sauce!  Our Roma tomatoes and heirlooms are just beginning to turn as well.  We are highly concerned about the weather.  The overnight temps next week are estimated to be in the 40s…this is not ideal for growing and ripening tomatoes.  Let’s hope Michigan’s forecasters are wrong…they usually are!

When I think of tomatoes, I can’t help but have peppers come to mind!  I love canning my own salsa.  Growing a variety of peppers allows for creativity of flavor!  Stuffed peppers are on the menu for this week!!  Look at the size of those jalapenoes!  Drool…


Broccoli is a favorite at our house!  Try roasting it with olive oil, lemon juice, pine nuts and sea salt!


Growing greens is a passion of mine!  Now that we have the hoop houses, we are able to grow these cold hardy plants year round!  Who doesn’t love a fresh salad for lunch or dinner!

A second round of strawberries, from our ever-bearing plants, was a beautiful surprise.   There is nothing like freshly mixed berries for a healthy snack!img_2447.jpg

The sweet zinnias are in bloom!  The bees like to keep them company…

And to think these are just a few of the varieties we are harvesting!  I feel blessed each and every day to have to have the ability to grow food for my family. It brings me great joy to know exactly how my food has been raised.   Don’t miss tomorrow’s post, for the continuation of, “If You Build It, They Will Come”…

“Life’s a garden…dig it! 

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…





20 thoughts on “Harvest Time!

  1. This post is just wonderful!! And the veges and fruits look like jewels!!! So beautiful✨💖 your post made me relax at the end of a day(it’s evening in Japan.) Thank you, Roda😊✨

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  2. Hey little sister I know just how you feel. Our watermelons grow nicely too, and there are so many butternuts we give them away now( the freezer is full).
    Gardening and painting here’s what doctors really should put on their prescription notes… 🐝

    Liked by 1 person

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