Peanut Butter & Jelly

I love my children, I really do!  What is not to love about 3 hormonal teenagers?  Honestly, they are pretty darn special!  I am blessed beyond words that I am “Mommy” to these awesome young adults! But…THEY NEED TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL…pretty please!?

When I think back to my 16-year-old son’s first day of kindergarten, I have to giggle.  I thought I had everything perfect.  His outfit was ready to go, his backpack was stuffed with his school supplies and the cute little note was written for his lunch box.  One would have thought that he was going to be miles away, when in fact, he was going to be in the classroom, just down the hall and around the corner from my classroom!  But, my sweet BUG was going to school!


No news was good news, on the first day of school!  I was so focused on my own 24 students that I did not have time to worry about my own little guy.  I remember taking my students to lunch, hoping to see BUG in the cafeteria.  I scanned the room and he was nowhere to be found.  One of my co-workers approached me with the following info…

” No worries, he is already outside!  He ate his lunch quickly.  When I checked to make sure he emptied his lunch box, I noticed his entire sandwich had not been touched. He immediately responded…”I can’t believe that Mommy forgot, on the first day of school, that I do not like seeds in my jelly!”

Yes, I was that mom!  He loved PB&J, but hated seeds. How could I have messed up on the first day of school!?  My child was going to starve!

I look back and giggle at this moment in time.  BUG survived!  Today, he will eat jam of any kind, at the age of 16.  But, he still lacks a bit of a verbal filter (much like his Mama) and reminds me of the seeds in his PB&J, at the beginning of each school year! If this is the biggest mistake I have made, I think I have done a pretty awesome job!  And, by the way, I now let him make his own sandwiches for school!

This poem is dedicated to my intelligent, humorous and adorable BUG…

Jelly Invasion

I think it was last Wednesday,
that it came to my surprise.
I was peering in my lunch box,
just looking there inside-
When all at once I noticed,
my sandwich was disturbed,
by something worse than ANY
sort of thing that might occur!


They were black and small and round.
What if they were beetle bugs?
Then I began to frown.
Could it be some ants? I wondered,
or maybe just some dirt,
but no, those would be pleasant things-
(my stomach sorta hurt).

Mom had made my sandwich,
but she must have been asleep,
for when she spread the jelly,
she FORGOT about the seeds…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



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