How about a Tuesday morning poem, to kick off this beautiful day?!   This is one plant that I do not embrace and it feels exactly the same about me!  I wish you all a poison ivy free gardening season…


Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is that bumpy stuff,
that red and sore and lumpy stuff,
that somehow grows upon your face
and legs and arms and every place.

It itches, scratches, tickles too!
What’s a little kid to do
about that poison ivy goo?
This is torture, through and through!

The doctor said that Calamine
will soon become a friend of mine,
it stops the creepies, crawlies too,
now I know what I must do!

I’ll drink that Calamine, I will
to stop that poison ivy’s thrill!
I’ll drink it in one gulp or two;
I’ll drink it till my face turns blue!

But wait a minute, let me think,
will my speckled face turn pink,
from the Calamine you see,
is it worth it? No sirree!

I guess I’ll have to wait and see
how long these bumps will visit me.
Today, I guess they’re here to stay,
but tomorrow I hope they go away!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



43 thoughts on “POISON IVY!

  1. Love it! There is a family story about my grandfather saying that poison ivy didn’t affect him. When he was challenged he took the stuff and rubbed it all over his face. He was wrong, it affected him mightily and every time after that! Don’t go rubbing that stuff on your face!

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  2. Love the poem! Oh how I hope you don’t end up with a bad break out. I use to could romp through it, pull it out of the flower beds with bare hands/short sleeves, etc. Now I can’t hardly look at the stuff with out breaking out! AND it means a trip to the doctors office for a shot! Have a wonderful day! xoxoxo

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  3. I ended up with poison ivy for the first time this summer. Had no idea what it was at first so I didn’t treat it properly. (REALLY thought long pants and rain boots would keep me from getting it. I was wrong) Ended up at the Drs office for steroids and antibiotics. πŸ™„

    Now I have a bottle of poison ivy wash in my house.

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      1. Yeah, once they can code they can take off! All my students are at mixed levels. I have a couple of 12 year olds, a couple of 4 year olds, and then mainly 7-10 years olds. That 7 year old girl is definitely my most advanced student though. She’s seriously brilliant. Her mom gives her all sorts of extra work and reads wit her, so when I ask her, ‘what did you do today’ she’ll say:

        ‘Hmm.. let me think about it. (would never expect a 7 year old learning ESL to say that so naturally) First I wake up, then I eat breakfast, and she’ll tell me about her day using present, and i’ll correct each verb. Have been giving her verbs to study, so she’s been using more past simple. I can see her getting pretty fluent a year or two from now though, and she’s a really strong reader! I should make a post about a e few of my favorite students πŸ™‚

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      2. I just had to google the dolch words. Definitely could try to include some of the ones in the pre primer list.

        Well have a few different slides with different words for each letter, and I’ll just go through each one telling them
        What they are, and then will go back and ask ‘what is this,’ then then reply, ‘it’s a dog’ or ‘it’s fox’ or whatever. I’m pretty anal on making them use complete sentences, so one word responses aren’t fine haha. Even if it’s a three word sentence it’s better than a one word fragment.


      3. Visual photos for kindergarteners are great. Many of the kindergarten teachers I taught with loved the multi-sensory zoo phonics program, for it added a motion and sound to each letter. This helps for differing learning styles. The kids loved it. I was never brave enough to teach kindergarten!!!

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      4. The resources we have are pretty helpful. Lots of colorful pictures and we can draw and write on all of it and erase it, change colors etc. If I think the courseware is unsuitable for their level I can ask them to change it too.

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  4. Wonderful poem Roda. I fortunately have never experience this troublesome plant. Your verse did remind me of the song “Poison Ivy” that Coasters sang along time a go. πŸ’πŸ¦„πŸŒˆπŸ˜˜

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