The Torture Chamber 

There are very few things in life that I truly despise. I attempt to find the positive in any situation, but there is one event that I avoid like the plague. It is far worse than cooked green beans or my annual OB/GYN visit. In fact, I would choose to give birth to my 13 pound twins, all over again, before partaking in this event. You’re probably thinking, what can be worse than that!? One thing…the dentist!

I dislike, no, despise the dentist.  Going to the dentist is a fancy cover-up for a modern-day torture chamber. Contemplate this… When I entered the bright and cheery waiting room, complete with Nemo, swimming in a large saltwater tank, I was already suspicious. There were perky ladies, behind the counter, with flawless pearly whites.  (Those teeth would give Michigan’s freshly fallen snow serious competition!) Overly perky, middle aged women, with perfect teeth???  This was also a serious concern.

No one is that happy, every moment of every day. It is impossible! I can say this from experience. I am an upbeat and perky person, 95% of the time. Yet, I do have a dark-side. I can get the grumbles and have my panties in a wad in 2 seconds flat. Once again, no one is continuously filled with perfect smiles and fairy dust…it is purely impossible.

My daughter was the victim today… I sat and waited in agony, knowing what the dentist was doing to my sweet, baby girl.  A humongous auger was drilling in her mouth, mining for gems and treasures. The sounds that came from the back room filled my body with chills, from head to toe. My teeth were instantly clenched, trying to relax and focus on Nemo, who whispered to me, “Just keep swimming”,  from the tank.  At least today was a bit more manageable, for I was not the victim in the chair… today, it was my daughter. I would do anything for my children, but go to the dentist! (See, I do have a dark-side!)

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, while I focused on my happy Zen place….chocolate. Whenever I have to go to the torture chamber, I purchase my favorite chocolate bar and have it waiting in the car, in case I survive the ordeal. Like I said, I will always make a point to find positivity in any situation. Even the torture chamber can have a happy ending.  At that moment, I was feeling a slight sense of peace.  Then, everything changed…

A smile-filled face peered from around the counter and stared right at me. As panic set in, I tried to sink into my chair, while I hid behind my book. But, it was too late. Direct eye contact had been made. My worst fear had come true.

“Roda, we just had a cancellation and noticed you are due for a cleaning…”

My heart began to beat out of my chest. I quickly scanned the room for an easy escape route, but the door had been blocked by an array of colorful DUPLO blocks and three toddlers already  screeching at the top of their lungs, for they sensed their fate.

I slowly glanced above my book and nervously replied, “I believe I already have an appointment in the books. Would you mind checking for me?”

I knew this would buy me some time, knowing the complexity of the computer screen, filled with colored scheduling blocks. At that moment, I was distracted by a deep voice that came from behind the counter.  I noticed a dark plant-like shadow that filled the office wall. The words “F-E-E-D  M-E, Seymour ” rang through my ears. Trembling, I felt a presence directly in front of me. I slowly peeked up, assured that I was next.  There was my daughter, shaking her head back and forth, filled with giggles .

She compassionately replied, “It’s over Mom. Let’s go get you that chocolate bar…”

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…





22 thoughts on “The Torture Chamber 

  1. Reblogged this on Everyone Else Has the Best Titles and commented:
    Oh, honey, I feel so badly for you. We all have our horrors. Luckily mine isn’t dentistry. I love having my teeth cleaned and my dentist is awesome. My hygienist is, too. I get hugs and excellent care. The dental practice I go to is cutting edge (no pun intended…er well maybe a little) and people come from hundreds of miles away. Come to Maine to get your toothy needs met. Yet another attempt to lure you eastward!

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  2. I am right there with you Roda!!! I’d rather go to the doctor and get a another tetanus booster than go to the dentist. I cringe like there’s no tomorrow listening to them scrape at my teeth. It’s so torturous!

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      1. Actually, our dentist is amazing! I just really don’t like any part of the process! My kids think I am silly! They are all teenagers, so they are right about everything!!


  3. My worst too. I loathe visits to the dentist but also feel sympathy for him ( in my dentist’s case) as well, as it cannot be easy knowing one is the cause of so much stress in some people.
    Oddly enough my wife loves the dentist and says the sound of the drill is actually soothing!
    As you can see I am married to a complete nutter.

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