Be Still

Yesterday, I spent some time in the garden, with my camera…waiting.  The butterflies are prolific in the gardens, but they are frisky fairies and never seem to stay put for long!  For the past few weeks, I have noticed a tiger swallowtail fluttering about, whenever I am outside.

flowers and butterfly 8-5-17 003

When I am at the barn, so is the tiger swallowtail.  When I am with the animals, so is the swallowtail.  When I am in the gardens, I definitely see this beautiful swallowtail.  Most would think that it is swallowtail season in Michigan, but I believe it is more than that.   This butterfly taunts me.  It reminds me of a toddler, unable to find words, trying to tell me something.

flowers and butterfly 8-5-17 011

What is your message?  What can I learn from this beautiful creature?

Yesterday, I decided to find a spot in the garden and just Be Still.  My dear friend appeared and thoroughly enjoy our photo shoot! (It took all of my energies not to switch the camera on auto focus!)

“Trust the wait.  Embrace the uncertainty. The possibilities are endless.”

flowers and butterfly 8-5-17 017

Today, Be Still.  If there is an answer you are looking for trust…be open…listen, for you never know what friend might flutter by, delivering a very important message.

flowers and butterfly 8-5-17 005

Nature is always willing to teach us something, if only we take a moment to just Be Still and listen…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


flowers and butterfly 8-5-17 009



48 thoughts on “Be Still

  1. Wonderful message. When I think of butterflies, I think of the fluttering wings, almost like a hummingbird or a heart beating. And with the post as “Be Still,” it’s a remarkable connection from a completely different angle. Beautiful share.

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  2. Nice! I’m pretty sure We don’t get this species of swallowtail down here. And if we do I have not seen it.
    When the cosmos flowers are in full bloom in the garden they can grow to almost head heightand I often go stand in their midst and wait. Bees butterflies, and spiders always turn up.

    ”Where’s dad?”
    ”Oh,he’s playing silly buggers in the garden again trying to hide in the flowers.”
    ”But we can see him… he’s over there!”

    I know they say this about me! I can read minds … honest!

    BTW …. why can’t I enlarge your photos?

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      1. Hmmmmm…i’ve only been using WordPress and blogging since March. Does that help? I did not know there was a new and old wordpress.


      2. The old uploader will allow you to enlarge images. if you click on them. It’s now regarded like Mad Uncle Festus in the basement. WP don’t talk about it as they want everyone to be little kiddies and use the ”better experience”. 🙂
        The old one loads faster but it doesn’t have a picture slideshow option.
        So I will use the new one for the slideshow option save t then got to the old one for any other photos I want to include in the post.

        Try this…

        1. Click: My Sites (top left hand corner).
        2. Scroll right to the bottom to WP Admin click.
        3. Find Posts, half way up. Hover over it with the mouse pointer and you will see Add New.
        4. ‘Click’ and away you go.

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      3. It’s no biggie, Roda. It’s just a bot of a bug bear with me that WP don’t address this issue and I had this problem until someone showed me how to go back to the old WP format.

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      4. Let’s start from scratch then. No probs.

        1 Can you see My Sites with the W in the circle? Top left hand corner?

        If you can click it and move the mouse and scroll to the bottom of the page.
        WP Admin will be there under Settings.

        Let me know if you see it?

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      5. ”What we have here is a failure to communnicate” ….
        said the warden to Paul Newman.
        And it’s all my fault ….
        When I wrote under settings I meant ”underneath” not for you to click it. Sorry. My bad.

        When you click My Sites it opens the list of options.
        The very last one at the bottom of the page/list should be WP Admin.
        If you can see it click it. Then come back and we’ll proceed from there.

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      6. Now I am totally befuddled? I am not tech savvy either and this was what was relayed to my by another blog pal last year.

        If you can find Dashboard somewhere the WP admin should be there also.
        Failing that, do a post and ask for help. Someone will know I’m sure of it.

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