You’ve Got Mail!

I adore mail…real mail.  I love the kind of mail that involves thick paper and a writing utensil.  Add a colorful stamp, in the upper right hand corner and I am a giddy teenager!  I collected stamps, from all over the world, of various shapes and sizes, when I was a little girl. I still have my collection today.  Call me old fashion, but there is something magical about opening the mailbox and discovering a card or letter, written by a dear friend, waiting for you.


This exact moment happened to me today.  I walked our long driveway, down to the edge of the road.  I opened the black metal box, to discover a magical glow inside. Instantly, I was drawn to the beautiful stamp and the wavy black postmark.  The bonus bumble bee sticker on the front instantly made me smile, for I knew someone was thinking about me.  The handwriting had a sense of peace about it and spoke gentle soul.  As my heart fluttered with excitement, my eyes made their way to the upper left hand corner, where the return address label was located. My eyes brightened and a smile appeared, as soon as I saw that the card was from one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met…

I find it interesting that I have met people over the past 5 years, through social media, that have become intricate pieces of my life.  Ironically, I forget that I have never met them in person.   The soul knows… How amazing that we have the gift of technology, allowing us to use tools such as Facetime to chat over tea, regardless of our physical location.    I look forward to the opportunity to meet these special individuals in person, allowing me to give them a huge hug or wipe their tears. I trust in fate and the pull of the universe for these meetings.   Until then, I am grateful for these individuals and their words…

Thank you Fairy Sister…you are a precious gift and beautiful blessing in my life.

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


“Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company.” ~Lord Byron

♥ My kindness challenge for you…   Take a moment to send a card or letter to a loved one, just because.  Snail mail is magical!

Contemplate this… Do you have a drawer filled with printed out emails or text messages from friends and family?  Probably not.  But, I bet you have a special place that you have kept cards and letters that arrived in your magical mailbox…  Just something to ponder, my friends. ♥

32 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail!

  1. You made me smile just reading this! Bill has an old college buddy who sends him mail regularly. Bill likes the real deal, just like you do. Truth be told, me too. Anyhow, every time this guy sends a letter, he always includes comic strips to make Bill laugh. Bill, having been a mailman for so many years, truly appreciates an old-fashioned letter. 🐉 ❤️ 🐉 ❤️ 🐉

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  2. I have every letter and drawing my old best friend sent me. I don’t know why I’ve always kept them but I do and I’ve moved so many times. It ended up actually being a wonderful thing because she was really sad when her brother died and I sent her all the drawings he used to make for us. It made her quite happy. Right now I have an email pen pal but I hope to have another real life writing pal again someday 🙂

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  3. Awe, so sweet Fairy Sister and your post made me smile. I do have a trunk of old letters, pretty paper and such that soothes my mind like no email or text can do. And guess what? I do have a stamp collection.
    Thank you for the kind words. Hugs 💙🦋

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  4. What a marvelous idea. In fact, tomorrow I shall gather all those letters with cellophane ”windows” in the front and return them, unopened but adorned with little hearts … and say it was your idea!

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      1. I am always trying to find greeting cards using nature photography. I now buy blank cards and attach my own pictures! I would like a better telephoto lens. The blue herons are so skittish

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      1. Jokes aside … my mother is the ultimate Defender of the Birthday Card and Xmas Card.

        When she eventually lines up to join the choir invisible, the final exponent of snail mail in our family will we licked, stamped, franked ”Returned to Sender’.

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