Fetze (Yes, it is a word!)

Fetze – noun – a small piece of lint or fuzz (From The Dictionary of Roda)

Growing up, “fetze” was a common word used by my Grandmother.  She was always fretting over the “fetzes” on the floor…

“We must sweep up those big, bad “fetzes” right away!” 

Keeping her house “Fetze Free” was extremely important for everyone involved.  I still use this term today and even named my first cat Fetze.


 Since I have had a poem theme running lately, I thought I would share another favorite!!


My dog just sniffed a fetze,
and I hope she doesn’t die.
(I guess it’s somewhat better
than it going in her eye.)

You see, she’s always sniffing things
(and eating plenty, too!)
like dirt and rocks and bits of lint
and even her own poo!

A bit of lint is what she sniffed
this time around, you see,
but more than that, some special lint:
the type that’s called “fetze”.

See, it’s the type that sits and waits
for little pups like mine.
I’m worried what will happen next,
and will it turn out fine…?

Maybe it will clog her brain
and make her goofy from the strain,
or pop into her little lung
where capillaries have their fun.

Maybe it will reach her tummy,
(that would not be very yummy!)
What about inside her bones?
Calcium may cure those groans.

But if it gets into her heart
straight for the bloodstream it will start;
then round her body it will go,
around the curves, now please go slow!

A journey through my dog’s inside,
a place that I will never slide.
Trapped inside my little fuzz-
a bad ol’ fetze is what is was.

But wait! I think this isn’t done,
I see a change or two!     
My dog is hacking up a storm;
there’s nothing I can do!

She’s wheezing, making funny sounds,
and doing a little dance.
I’m watching her and wondering:
Could her fur be full of ants?

And here’s the final showdown
as she gives it one last blow,
that fetze shoots right out her nose!
I guess it had to go.

The moral of the story,
(it will fill your dog with glee),
is vacuum up your carpet, please,
and keep it Fetze Free.

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You





21 thoughts on “Fetze (Yes, it is a word!)

  1. I loved this one. Fetze, indeed! I remember growing up and my super-tidy Mom would be all upset if a dust ball appeared somewhere. Back when I had long-haired dogs, I called my dust balls tumble weeds! 🐉 ❤️ 🐉 ❤️ 🐉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Roda. A new side of you, a poet. Bust bunny I know but fetzes is new. Either way you have to clean, not much of a cleaner. Thank for the chuckle.🦄🌈

    Liked by 1 person

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