An Aversion to Green Beans

In yesterday’s blog post, I mentioned the fact that I really despise green beans.  Growing up, I ate everything that was put on my plate, regardless if I liked it or not. There was never a choice.  Let’s just say, the coughing in the napkin trick saved my life, numerous times, when it came to green beans.  Tiffany, my cock-a-poo, sat at my feet religiously during every meal.  She loved green beans and I loved that dog!


Maybe a poem will help better explain my green bean aversion…

Green Beans

When I was young, my parents said,
(they drilled and pounded in my head):

“Now eat your beans, just eat them up
for if you don’t, you won’t grow up!”

“You never listen to my plea,
I hate green beans especially!
I hate green beans, I always have.
Why won’t you listen Mom and Dad?”

“Green beans are healthy, without fat,
now can you really argue that?”

“Yes I can and surely will,
I hate green beans, I hate them still!
They’re green and slimy, mushy too.”
What’s a little girl to do?

“Now eat your beans, not one more sound.
Just clean your plate, I mean right now!”

“I’ll gag, I’ll cough and hack and choke
if those green beans go down my throat!”

“They’re better hot than cold,” they’d say.
I wish I could just run away,
from these green beans upon my plate-
but morning brings a worser fate:

They’ll serve me breakfast, right in bed,
(If I’m lucky, I’ll wake up dead!)
and staring at me, lined up neat,
Mom smiles, “Bon appetit!”

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You




22 thoughts on “An Aversion to Green Beans

  1. Priceless! Now tell me, have you had green beans raw right from the garden? There’s no need to cook them to mush. Raw or lightly steamed, as long as they have a crunch, they are fine. When I was a kid, I hated fiddleheads. Now I adore them. I still haven’t acquired the taste for dandelion greens though.

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  2. My personal battle was with an Italian dish, Pasta e fagioli…pasta with kidney beans…Yikes…even the crazy dog couldn’t help me with this dreaded dish. 🙂

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  3. Rodabunny, I love green beans, had a problem with beets. Being the farmer of renown that you are I have a question, what is the difference between a green bean and a string bean? Passing through the line in the cafeteria the choices were lima bean, string beans or beets. Guess which one I chose? I made you read all that to read this. What a wonderfully written rhyme. Thank you for sharing.🦄😉

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    1. Oh beets…they usually taste like dirt to me unless prepared just right! 😝 As for green beans vs string beans, they are the same. Also called snap beans or bush beans. There are pole green beans that vine 8-10 feet! Scarlett runners are my favorite! Beautiful red flowers!


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