The Magic Pencil

When I look back on my 22 years of teaching elementary education, one of my favorite areas of the curriculum was creative writing.  I have always enjoyed writing children’s poetry and it was something that I could easily incorporate in my classroom daily.    Each year, I presented my students with “magic pencils” for our creative writing time.   As I struggled with what to write about today, I remembered my first and second graders and how they truly believed in their Magic Pencils…


The Magic Pencil

Freddie Frank the firefly
floated through the evening sky,
looking for that special place-
his stardust left a sparkling trace.

Farther and farther Freddie flew,
until he flew no more,
landing on a special star,
right outside my door.

This moment was a brilliant one,
for my pencil came to life-
Freddie said his magic dust
would guide my words in flight.

Ever since that special day,
when Freddie came to me,
My pencil takes the words I say
and gently sets them free…

Dedicated to Clone #7 from
Thanks for the inspiration!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



16 thoughts on “The Magic Pencil

  1. Super adorable… I giggled the whole way through, reading it like a Dr. Seuss book. I need a set of magic pencils now… to match your wit and talent, Freddie! Oh, and Clone #7 made it home safely from the swamp. He apparently stopped off for some cookie dough and brownies, washing it down with water from a waterfall he stumbled upon.

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